The story of Sir Bevis of Hampton is a medieval tale of love, hardship and heroic adventure. It is a tale that dates back many hundreds of years; the earliest known version of the story is titled Boeve de Haumtone and was written in around 1175. It became a very famous and familiar story; it was translated into many languages and is referenced in works by Shakespeare, Chaucer and Bunyan. King Henry V is also acknowledged to have been a fan of the story, and both he and King Henry VIII reputedly owned tapestries depicting the tale. In recent years, however, the story has been somewhat forgotten; something that the creative team behind Blood & Valour hope to change.

The creation of Blood & Valour has been made possible by Eastleigh Borough Council Culture Unit’s Digital Arts Programme Eastleigh (DAPE), a programme that aims to support new talent and emerging businesses working with digital arts to explore inspirational and exciting new ways to present work.

The project will also form part of the two-year Road to Agincourt project, marking the 600th anniversary of the famous battle in France, as King Henry V was known to have read and loved tapestries depicting Sir Bevis’ adventures across Europe. More information about the Road to Agincourt programme, including further details of Blood & Valour and other projects related to Sir Bevis, can be found on the Road To Agincourt website:


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