Blood & Valour: The Legends of the Knight Sir Bevis is an exciting new blood-spattered medieval fantasy comic telling the story of one of England’s legendary heroes.

The story of Bevis of Hampton was once told throughout Europe and has left marks throughout Hampshire for those who know where to look.  Now, for the first time, Bevis’ story, a tale of love and loss, destiny and adventure will be retold in comic book form.  The first part of Bevis’ epic story will be told in a four part comic series, which will be released as Volume #1 of Blood & Valour: The Legends of the Knight Sir Bevis.

The initial release of the comic will tell the very first part of Bevis’ story. It focuses on his childhood in the town of Hampton (which in time became the city of Southampton), and the betrayal of his father, Sir Guy, through the machinations of Bevis’ wicked mother, who wishes Sir Guy and Bevis out of her hands as quickly (and bloodily) as possible.

Once Volume #1 is released, the creative team hope to start work on further volumes, which will tell of Bevis’ journeys to distant lands, his battles with terrible monsters and meeting his true love, the spirited and indomitable Princess Josyan.

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