Bevis is the young son of Sir Guy of Hampton and his wife, The Countess. He is a brave, headstrong lad who takes after his noble father in many ways. Bevis trains and studies hard each day, wishing to follow in his father’s heroic footsteps. He has inherited his father’s nobility and sense of right and wrong but also his quick temper, which may cause problems for Bevis in the days to come…

The Countess

The Countess is the mother of Bevis and the wife of Sir Guy, and rumours abound that she is a wielder of dark magick. She is the daughter of the King of Scotland, and did not wish to marry the much older Earl of Hampton; her heart already belonged to Lord Conrad, who had asked for her hand many times. But The Countess’ father refused, forcing his daughter into a marriage with a man she swore she would never love. Neither Sir Guy’s sincere devotion, nor the birth of their son Bevis’ managed to warm The Countess’ heart, and as the years passed she has grown more and more bitter and resentful.

Sir Guy

Sir Guy is the Earl of Hampton, a wise, noble old warrior, and father of Bevis. He is devoted to his son, and to his wife, The Countess. He is a fair and just man, but when driven to anger, he is still an imposing figure despite his years. In his youth he travelled far across the world, adventuring and questing with his best friend, Sir Saber, at his side.

Lord Conrad

Lord Conrad is a brother to the Emperor of Germany and is passionately devoted to The Countess. They were lovers in the years before The Countess married Sir Guy, and Lord Conrad has lost none of his passion for her. He has an army of devoted followers at his command and is said to fight like a demon.

Sir Saber

Sir Saber is Bevis’ tutor and mentor and teaches him of honour, battle and chivalry. He is also Sir Guy’s oldest and closest friend, and in their youth, they travelled and fought side by side. Saber often regales Bevis with stories of their adventures (at Bevis’ insistence) but tries to reign in his student’s desire to seek out glory in battle.

Sir Murdour

During her years in Hampton, the Countess’ strange beauty and her cunning ways have gained her many devoted followers, and the most loyal of these is Sir Murdour. He was once a noble knight, but rumours of ignoble deeds tarnished his reputation. He has fallen far from grace and now lives only to serve The Countess. For her, he would willingly lie, steal or even kill, without a single question.

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