Blood & Valour: Join the Adventure

Do you love adventure?

If you do and you love comics, animation, history, fantasy, dragons, giants, beautiful maidens, evil villains and legendary heroes, Blood & Valour is for you!

The story of Bevis of Hampton was once told throughout Europe, and has left marks throughout Hampshire for those who know where to look. Now, for the first time ever we are bringing this tale of love and loss, destiny and adventure to the exciting format of comics. The first part of Bevis’ epic story will be told in a four part comic book series, which will be release as Volume #1 of Blood & Valour: The Legends of the Knight Sir Bevis.

If you want to follow the creative team behind Blood & Valour, keep checking back to the website to hear the latest news, or you can sign up to our Mailing List and receive all updates directly to your inbox.

We will be posting lots of information, pictures, videos and interviews about the making of the comics, developing animations and new technology using augmented reality and virtual reality. There will be the chance to learn more about the medieval history and the legends as well as where you can go in the UK to see medieval art celebrating the life of an amazing hero who has been largely forgotten over time, who’s story once spread right across Europe and was as popular as King Arthur or Beowulf. There will also be chances to meet the creative team, who will be attending numerous events to promote the comic; a full up to date list of which events we will be attending will be added to our website very soon.

Getting the project to this stage has been an exciting journey, and we hope you will join us and be a part of it! So sign up and join in the adventure today!

The Blood & Valour Team

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