Blood & Valour Photoshoot #2 – 13th November 2016

Guy capturing Adam in a poseThe second of our Blood & Valour photoshoots took place on Sunday the 13th November, and the aim of this second shoot was to create images of two of our heroic characters, Sir Guy and Sir Saber, and two of our villains, Lord Conrad and Sir Murdour.  Our models for this shoot were Adam Carter-Groves and Martin Rowe, both of whom take part in LARP (Live Action Role Play) events and so had between them a wide selection of costumes and weaponry.

During this photoshoot we were able to capture the majority of the photos needed for Guy’s artwork; a total of ten images involving four different characters.  The volume and variety of costumes, armour and weapons that Adam and Martin brought along meant that we could pick and choose, building each character from scratch.

We worked methodically, creating the costume for each character and collecting all of the required shots for that character before moving Guy capturing Martin in characteron to the next.  This meant that in some cases we could use the same piece of armour for multiple characters; Sir Guy and Sir Saber, for example, are wearing the same pauldrons, as they have fought in the same company for many years.  In similar fashion to the Countess photoshoot with Hayley, we took lots of different variations of each pose/image, which has allowed Guy to pick and choose, in some cases building one image from a number of photos.

When building each character’s costume, we had to consider two important aspects.  Firstly, we needed to make sure each character had their own clear ‘look’, especially as we had 2 models to portray 4 different people.  This in itself has meant that part of Guy’s work on some of the images has been changing (or in some cases adding) hair and other features.  The other aspect we had to keep in mind was how the characters look in Marcus’ artwork.

Martin in characterMarcus and Guy’s art styles for Blood & Valour are very different, and the contrast between them is, to my mind, part of what makes them so exciting to see together, giving each more impact.  We did not seek to recreate Marcus’ character designs exactly, therefore, but build another version of each character with one or two symbolic elements that would link the different interpretations of the character together.  The most obvious example of this is Lord Conrad’s woad face paint designs and large pauldrons; these elements of his costume are present in both Marcus’ and Guy’s artwork, though their design is slightly different in each.

Many of the pages using the images from this second photoshoot are now completed, so watch this space for a future blog where we will reveal Martin and Adam’s reactions to the finished versions!

“Magic” Martin Rowe is a Video Games Designer, Comic Book Dealer and Pro Wrestling MC from Southampton, England. Martin has cruised around the world three times, explored The Great Pyramids, climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge and snorkelled with sharks, stingray and sea turtles. He lives with his wife and vast collection of trinkets.

You can follow Martin on social media via the links below:

Adam Carter-Groves is a game designer and developer with a Digital Art degree and a wealth of experience of both playing and creating board games and computer games.  Adam is a firm believer that games can do things that no other media can do, and is aiming to make games for as long as he is physically able to do so.  His latest game is a skating based competitive card game called ‘Line’, and is in the final stages of development.

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