“Created using a combination of traditional – if sometimes pleasantly rudimentary – artwork and clever digital imagery utilising real-life performers to bring key characters to life on the page, Blood & Valour is a fascinating, immersive experience and a refreshingly different way of delivering a story in comic strip form”


We’re very excited to share the news that Blood & Valour: Legends of the Knight Sir Bevis has been reviewed by Starburst Magazine, receiving an awesome 8 out of 10 rating!

The review, written by Starburst Writer Paul Mount, appeared on page 103 of this month’s issue of Starburst (issue 436), as well as being published online. In the piece, Paul gives a brief bit of context to both the inception of the comic and the legend that it re-tells, before delving into the review.

Paul then goes on to say some really positive things about the “dirt-beneath-the-fingernails” style of the magazine and it’s gritty, graphic medieval feel, stating that although “Blood and Valour may be a little rough around the edges for some taste”, it is a “bold, exciting and ambitious new project which leaves us looking forward to future volumes and the further adventures of Bevis”

On top of that, the comic also recieved a few words from Paul in the latest podcast from TV Zone Plus by Starburst Magazine, which you can listen to or download here!

Issue 436 of Starburst Magazine is out now, and can be purchased online or in store. You can also read the online version of this review in it’s entirety here.





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