I’ve come up to Northumbria, which has many amazing castles to roam around. This first day we went to Bamburgh Castle. The first buildings on the volcanic outcrop were dated at around 470 AD and were captured and enlarged in around 547 AD by the Anglo Saxons. The castle provides a lot of information online as well as through the grounds but the best thing about Bamburgh is that it looks stunning and it’s a big castle. Obviously it’s been added to over the millennia and it’s passed hands many times.

I’m looking at all kinds of castles from various periods to develop the castle for Bevis’ home. I’m interested in using Angle Saxon art with elements of Romanesque architecture. The Normans were the real castle builders and they did this to establish their iron fist in England and boy, did they build them to last- so there’s plenty of examples to look at.

As Bevis is a great medieval story, I want some mix some fact and fantasy to create my castle and other locations. I also want to combine the romanticism of early legends of celtic origin with aspects of Chivalry. I also love the stories of King Arthur and I may hint at the long lost legacy that the Romans left behind. Britain is full of history and full of myths and Bevis really is a hidden lost gem that Matt will be writing more about.

I’ve marked on a map where Bamburgh Castle is and also provides links to the Castle’s own website and some other useful links. MRP.

Here’s a nice video using a drone that the owners of the castle put together and gives a good overview of its current layout and you can see how impressive it’s location is.

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