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Lynn Forest-Hill Guest Blog: The Next Stage

Dr Lynn Forest-Hill is a medievalist and the author of Bevis of Hampton, which has been a source of inspiration for our Creative Team when it came to writing the story of Blood & Valour. We welcome a guest blog from Lynn who, in this post, talks about meeting...
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Realising The Countess – Photoshoot #1

Blood & Valour Photoshoot #1 – October 27th 2016 In order to create some of the artwork for Blood & Valour, we have been running a series of photoshoots.  Whilst Marcus Pullen’s artwork for the majority of the comic is hand-drawn, Guy Stauber’s elements are...
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Lynn Forest-Hill Guest Blog: The King of Scotland’s Daughter

Dr. Lynn Forest-Hill is a medievalist and a writer whose research and publications range from Medieval Drama to Shakespeare’s The Tempest. She extended her research into the famous 14th century romance Bevis of Hampton, publishing a translation of the earliest English...
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Video: In Conversation On The Characters In ‘Blood & Valour’

We recently caught up with Matt Beames and the author of Bevis of Hampton, Lynn Forest-Hill, to talk about all things to do with Sir Bevis. Bevis of Hampton has been a vital source of information for Matt as he continues to piece together the stories for Blood &...
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